Shining the Spotlight on Adriana V: Waves and Curls


In 2015, curly hair is more popular than ever with women of all ages with all types of curls embracing them. For this feature, we went all the way to Sacramento, California, to focus on Adriana! Adriana is a Construction Project Manager by day and a fun, sporty yet refined lady by night. In her free time she enjoys sampling a refreshing beer at the latest local brewery with friends, playing co-ed soccer and going on weekend runs with her boyfriend and dog, Hamm (named after the soccer star of course).

Hair Say set out to discover how Adriana keeps her waves and curls healthy and current in the California sun.

Hair Say: Has your hair always been this curly or has the texture changed over time?
Adriana: My hair has always been curly. The curl gets looser or tighter depending on the length, but it has always been pretty curly.

Hair Say: What is your favorite thing about having curly hair?
Adriana: Except for a while in the early 90’s, you’ve never seen a lot of women walking around with natural curls a lot! It’s fun to receive a random compliment from a stranger on your curls, it sort of sets you apart from others in a way.

Adriana shows off her figure and curls while on the arm of her handsome boyfriend. Cute couple!
Adriana shows off her figure and curls while on the arm of her handsome boyfriend. Cute couple!

Hair Say: What is your least favorite part of having curly hair?
Adriana: My hair can be a little unruly at times, and you can’t easily run a comb through it at the end of the day. It takes some work and product to make it look presentable again.

Hair Say: How easy is it to straighten/blow out your hair?
Adriana: It’s pretty easy to flat-iron my hair, especially if I blow it out first. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to get it really smooth. The first time a friend straightened it for me in college it took over 3 hours!

Hair Say: What are your favorite products for curly hair?
I’m currently obsessed with the Miss Jessie’s line of hair products. I started with the Jelly Soft Curls gel and now almost exclusively use the Multicultural Curls cream. I’ll untangle my hair with a wide-tooth comb after the shower, add some of the cream, and let it air dry. I really do love the hold and soft feeling to it!

Hair Say: How often do you wash your hair?
Adriana: I wash my hair almost every day just because I run a lot and it’s difficult to style it without a lot of products and tools. Who has that kind of time before work?! Just wash and go!

Hair Say: How do you maintain your curls in between washes?
Adriana: I use a dry shampoo, like Batiste or Umberto, to volumize the roots and cut some of the oiliness and then a few spritz of Aragon Oil of Morocco’s Weightless Healing Dry Oil to fight the inevitable frizz.

Adriana uses Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curls to help achieve her look.
Adriana uses Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls to help achieve her look.

Hair Say: What is your go-to style when you are having a bad hair day?
Pony tail. Pony tail all day every day.

Hair Say: What is your favorite cosmetics line?
Adriana: Right now I’m really feeling Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. It’s perfect for oily skin like mine and provides full coverage without being really gooey and thick and leaves your skin literally radiating. I receive so many compliments on my makeup after pairing it with Smashbox primer.

Hair Say: What is the best advice you ever received about caring for your curly hair?
Adriana: Find someone who knows how to cut and style your hair type. When I lived in San Francisco I used to go to a salon that when you’d call to make your initial appointment, they would ask if you had curly or straight hair, and then they would match you to a stylist accordingly. That woman worked wonders!

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