Product Review: Camille Rose Naturals Brown Butter Melt

Camille Rose’s Mandarin (kids’) collection has been out since May. The only product I’ve tried from the line is the brown butter melt. At first I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to start using such a heavy product on my daughter’s hair, but she is 1 now and I love it. It was the first product I used as I departed from just baby oil and detangler. Brownbutter_melt

My initial thoughts on the product were that it was pretty heavy and possibly better for kids with thicker, more coarse hair, but after a few uses I decided that a lot goes a long way and it really works for putting her hair into ponies and puffs.

The product is a heavy, almost solid cream, but melts into a lighter product when you rub it in your hands. Also, the smell is not overwhelming which I find way more important when it comes to kids’ products versus those for adults.

My daughter’s hair in puffs on Halloween.

To use the brown butter melt, I simply scoop some out with my finger and emulsify it in my hand, I think work it throughout my daughter’s curls. It adds moisture and also provides hold for her edges (though not lasting). Another plus is that you do not need to use a lot of this, so the 4 ounce container will last you a while. This is not a hair grease. It is actually more like an oil (think how coconut oil gets when you melt it). If you want to give tender heads and tresses a treat, try it out. It seems like it would work for a variety of hair types and the buildup from this product is minimal.



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