Shining the Spotlight on Shannon B.

Whether she is working it as a senior HR Generalist, in the gym, or on the beach, Shannon lives in the present with style and grace.

Like myself, this natural woman is a graduate of George Mason University so I am glad to put her gorgeous hair in the spotlight. Her hair care regimen is pretty low-key. Read on to learn more about her natural hair journey.

Shannon is one-year natural and seen here out and about enjoying the freedom and versatility of her natural texture.
Shannon is one-year natural and seen here out and about enjoying the freedom and versatility of her natural texture.

Hair Say: What were your favorite products when you first began transitioning? 

Shannon: I transitioned for a year prior to cutting my hair, so my favorite product was Curlformers! They are similar to rollers and helped blend my straight hair with the curly hair that was growing. They were a real lifesaver during that time. With the Curlformers, I used Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist and Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll Foaming Mousse which was the best at holding my curls while keeping them soft.

Hair Say: What are your favorite products now? 

Shannon: My favorite products now are Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel and Paul Mitchell Foaming pommade. When I first cut my hair the stylist mixed the two products together and applied it throughout my hair. I love it because it keeps my hair looking moisturized for days. I also like Palmer’s Coconut Oil Protein Pack which is a deep conditioner and it smells great!

Hair Say: What has been the most difficult aspect of ‘going natural?’

Shannon: Trying different hairstyles is the most difficult part for me. I did not experiment with too many hairstyles before I was natural. Sooo, now that I am natural and I see all these cute natural styles on YouTube, I want to try them out but I never do, LoL. I keep it pretty simple and easy – usually I wear a headband, flower or nothing in my hair.

Hair Say: What advice do you have for other women considering going natural? 

Shannon: I would strongly encourage it! My hair has been so easy to maintain since I have been natural and is much healthier. Once I got over the fear of having short hair after cutting the straight ends off, it was very freeing and exciting.  I also LOVE that I can work out at the gym anytime I want and not worry about how my hair was going to look for the rest of the week.

Hair Say: How does your hair influence your overall style?

Shannon: My hair hasn’t influenced my overall style too much…I think if anything I try to wear more bright/fun colors versus wearing neutral tones all the time.  I think I’d attribute some of that to my natural hair. 

Shannon 1

Hair Say: What are your favorite cosmetics lines?

Shannon: MAC and Sephora brand cosmetics are typically the two I use the most.

Hair Say: You seem like a fun, fearless, female! What is the best advice you ever received about hair and the best advice you ever received about life?

Shannon: I think black women should support and embrace natural hair no matter the texture. We get hung up on who has a better curl pattern than someone else but I think it’s about embracing your own hair and finding out what works for you. Don’t compare your hair to someone else’s because everyone is different. If you go natural and don’t like it, it is ok to go back to a relaxer or whatever you’re most comfortable with.


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